Jalen Rose Admits Trying To Injure Kobe Bryant During 2000 NBA Finals (Video)


Oh Jalen, smh, I dont know why you would even want to admit this. This is something you take to your grave.

Jalen Rose spoke to ESPN Grantland Network on Tuesday and revealed a testimony that probably shouldnt have been said. In 2000, Rose was apart of the Indiana Pacers and in that year the Pacers went to the NBA Finals to face off with a young Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. When Kobe was going up for a jump shot, Rose stuck his foot under Bryant for him to land on, which he did. Bryant missed the next game, which shockingly (-___-) the Pacers won.


“NBA Finals, 2000. Kobe. Bean. Bryant. Goes up for a jump shot on the right wing, I contest the jump shot, Kobe lands on my foot. He hobbles off, and he actually misses the next game.”

“Now, if it was up to me? If it was up to me? He should’ve just missed the whole series. I would have had a championship ring, and it’d be no harm, no foul.”

Then Rose proceeded to say:

“I can’t say that it was an accident.”

When Jacoby asks him how he has maintained a strong relationship with Bryant, Rose replied:

“He never knew I did it on purpose. But now he does.” 

If you’re Kobe Bryant, how do you feel? Its 12 years after the fact, but do you call this man and have a discussion with him? Rose could have ended Bryant’s career, thankfully he didn’t, but you never know how Kobe could have came down on Rose foot. As a man and someone who’s trying to be a role model for kids, admitting this and not having any apologies, is not a good look. Rose is definetly going to have to do some damage control.

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