Jason Garrett Wanted to Pull Felix Jones from Kickoff Returns Until Jerry Jones Said NO

If you didn’t know Jerry Jones is the coach of the Cowboys.

So, it doesn’t really matter what Jason Garrett wants to do, case in point.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Monday that he’d consider other “alternatives” after a fumble on the opening kickoff in Seattle underlined a lack of performance.

“Line 1 in returning the football in the NFL for me is ball security,” Garrett said.

But the elder and more important Jones said Tuesday his fellow former Arkansas Razorback was fine, and that he remained confident in him as a returner.

Well, just because I do,” the owner said on KRLD-FM, via ESPNDallas.com. “So I feel like we’re in good shape. But that’s it on that. Move on.”

But then he went on.

“I don’t know about that,” he said about the possibility of replacing a returner who ranks 23rd in the league. “I think we saw him be quick at practice last week. I think we need to give him a little more room out there.

“Felix has returned a lot of kickoffs in his time – All-American twice in college as a kickoff returner. We have over the years been reluctant to use him as a kickoff returner because we didn’t want to risk injury, but we’ve decided this year to use him as a kickoff returner. He should be a great asset for us. That’s the way it remains.”

Felix was great in college, but that has nothing to do with the fact he has been a disappointment in the pros, but since he went to Arkansas and Jones personally drafted him, he will never just let him sit on the bench.

Garrett probably knows from a football perspective it might be best for the team to just use Jones as backup change of pace running back, but can’t go against the boss and real coach of Cowboys.

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