Jason Pierre-Paul Says Who Is Eagles Demetress Bell, I Don’t Know Him

Wow another shot fired in the war of words between the Eagles and the Giants.

These two teams definitely hate each other.

This hated shot by JPP is actually funny to me.  Quite hilarious.

While being interviewed by a New York Post reporter, Pierre-Paul was asked about Philadelphia Eagles left tackle Demetress Bell who is filling in for injured King Dunlap, who was filling in for pro bowler Jason Peters.

Pierre-Paul’s knowledge of the Eagles personnel obviously doesn’t go past their two deep, because his answer was classic.

“I don’t know who that is. Who is that?”

When told that was the Eagles third starting left tackle, Pierre Paul again sent another subtle jab.

“Oh man, that’s trouble right?” Pierre-Paul said jokingly. “Third one? Hmm, that’s trouble.”

Starting left tackle Jason Peters ruptured his Achilles back in March, and King Dunlap injured his hamstring two weeks ago.

Pierre-Paul thinks the pressure they applied to Vick last season is now being replicated by other teams.

“A lot of teams took what we did,” Pierre-Paul said. “I was watching the Arizona game. They were killing him out there, man. He needed to get rid of the ball faster.”

I pray for Michael Vick this week.

That “Nascar” pass rush the Giants utilize will give that banged up Eagles front problems all night Sunday.

Vick must get rid of the ball quickly or it will be a long evening here in Philly.

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