Jay Z is Excited About the Debut of the Brooklyn Nets (Photo)


And the winner is HOV……..

No matter his share of the team is, he has turned it into a big business win for him.


  1. Longtime Music Exec Tommy Mottolla explains why he thinks new music exec/producer “ButtaLove” will be the new heavy weight executive in the music business.Mottolla says ” Butta Love” has the charisma of a young Sean “Puffy” Combs an the hunger to succeed in the music business” he said “Butta,just wont take NO for an answer when he feels he’s right an thats what I like about the kid,he just has a deep vision that cant be taught”.Butta stated to rapradar.com yesterday that he’s working with a new artist named D.Rose & is close to signing youtube sensation Sloane Skylar.

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