Jerry Jones Laughs At Suggestion Of Cutting Felix Jones

There have been suggestions and reports that the Dallas Cowboys should not only reduce Felix Jones role with the team, that should flat-out cut him.

Jones is struggling after missing most of the off-season and early part of camp recovering from shoulder surgery.

Jones has one carry in two games, and fumbled the opening kickoff against Seattle last week.

The notion that Felix Jones is a bust after five seasons in Dallas is picking up steam lately.

Jerry Jones via the Star Telegram let it be known that cutting Felix is a “Ridiculous” idea.

“Yes I do. Because I do.” a terse Jones said. “I feel like we are in good shape. That’s it on that move on.”

Jones let it be known no change will take place on special teams either.

“I don’t know about that,” Jones said. “I think we saw him be quick at practice last week. I think we need to give him a little more room out there.  Felix has returned a lot of kickoffs in his time – All-American twice in college as a kickoff returner. We have over the years been reluctant to use him as a kickoff returner because we didn’t want to risk injury, but we’ve decided this year to use him as a kickoff returner. He should be a great asset for us. That’s the way it remains.”

Felix Jones is blessed to somehow despite his mediocre play be a favorite of owner Jerry Jones.

I think Jerry also recognizes that at some point he will need Felix Jones.

For the Cowboys sake I hope Felix Jones gets into some kind of shape soon.

One thought on “Jerry Jones Laughs At Suggestion Of Cutting Felix Jones

  • For once I agree with Jerry! Jones has more talent than people think, and if anyone recalls, when he filled in for Murray last year after he got hurt, he ran off a couple 100 yd. plus games. Give him the ball more and let him get into a rhythm! Good call Jerry!

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