Jeweler Suing Ex Duke Player Lance Thomas Won’t Cooperate With NCAA

In certain situations some people prefer not to get a whole lot of people involve in their disputes.  They prefer to deal with whomever they have the issue with and that’s it.

That is exactly the case in the lawsuit involving former Duke basketball player Lance Thomas. 

USA Today via the Associated Press is reporting that the New York City jeweler that is suing Thomas, has no interest in talking to or cooperating with the NCAA.

Mike Bowers an attorney for the firm said the NCAA contacted him Monday to discuss whether or not someone from Rafaello & Co. would agree to an interview.   Bowers stated the company declined.

“My client has no interest in going beyond the merchandise Mr. Thomas took and didn’t pay for,” the Dallas attorney said Wednesday.

Rafaello & Co. want their money, and the NCAA wants to know where Thomas got $30,000 cash to put down on expensive jewelry.

Stay tuned for more.