Jim Harbaugh Says Randy Moss Not Worried About Being The Man For 49ers


Randy Moss is used to being the go to guy on most organizations he plays for.

Those times when Moss hasn’t been the man have usually led to uninspired play or blowups between Moss and whoever.

Jim Harbaugh doesn’t have one singular guy on his team, and he told the San Francisco Chronicle that Randy Moss is fine not being the vocal point.

Nobody around here ever gets caught up with ‘The Guy’ terminology,” Harbaugh said. “It’s about us; it’s about the team. And Randy, there’s no evidence that he’s concerned about ‘The Guy’ tag. He knows football. He knows the team that plays best is going to win the game. He’s been about that.”

Moss has played 40 of San Francisco’s 123 offensive snaps.

He 5 catches for 61 yards and a touchdown.

I believe at this point Randy Moss is playing less to be the man, and more for a Super Bowl ring.

He just might be on his way.


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