Joe McKnight Is Not Pleased With Him Move To Cornerback

Remember that old saying some football players have about I’ll play where ever my team needs me?

They lied.

Yesterday we wrote about the Jets moving running back Joe McKnight to cornerback to give the secondary some assistance.

McKnight is not pleased about the move, no not even a little bit.

He spoke of his disdain for the move via ESPN New York.

“I was drafted as a running back,” McKnight said. “The way I took it as I wasn’t good enough to play running back; that’s what I took it as. I don’t know if that’s the case or not.”

“Rex walked in the room and said I got traded, I got traded to the defense,” McKnight said.

McKnight was asked if his past credentials and being a high school all american at corner will be of any use to him now.

That does not help at all,” McKnight said. “It’s been a while since I played cornerback, maybe if I’d played cornerback in college four years. Me playing cornerback in high school does not help right now.”

“Once a coach makes a decision, you just got to go in and do what he says to do,” McKnight said.

Some where in the mist of all this, Kyle Wilson is not pleased.

One thought on “Joe McKnight Is Not Pleased With Him Move To Cornerback

  • Here’s the thing, Joe: You’re not good enough. If you were, you’d be the starter, not Shonn Greene. You were a mediocre third-down back and slightly above-average return man. Take your PT and be glad.

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