Joe Namath Prays Mark Sanchez Doesn’t Get Hurt Because Tebow Can’t Play QB


I don’t think it is so much that Tebow can’t play quarterback, it is that no team to date has treated him like a quarterback.

They treat him like a prop, so he has never had an opportunity to develop traditional quarterback skills like a lot of other young quarterbacks, so I agree with Namath on this one.

“God forbid something happens to Sanchez. See, this is where I’m confused. I don’t think the second guy really is Tebow,” Namath told

“I don’t think he can consistently play the quarterback position as we know it as opposed to the Wildcat without improving his passing accuracy,” Namath said of Tebow. “You’ve got to be more accurate than that today, and Tim’s got a big motion. He’s working on it, and he can improve it. So that remains to be seen.”



  1. I disagree with Tebow never having the opportunity to develop QB skills like other young QBs. Tebow’s rookie year in Denver, they didn’t use him as an option QB. And last season, they created an offense around his skills because he didn’t develop such skills. Jake Locker and Alex Smith were a lot like Tebow in college and Locker was able to develop to the point where he was able to unseat an ex-pro bowl QB.

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