John Calipari Shows Off New Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Lodge

If you are the coach of any division 1 basketball program in america, don’t allow your players or potential recruits to see this video., presents a 9 minute video tour that is absolutely out this world in terms of college living.

The Pics are courtesy of Yahoo.

University of Kentucky and Calipari will run college basketball for a long time.

Itenerary Flat Screen
Flat screen keeps and gives out your daily schedule


Leather Recliners
Comfortable leather recliners allow the players to relax while watching the big screen t.v.


Pool Table
gotta have the pool table to pass the time


Trophy cases
must have the trophy cases that entice you to work hard


Personal Chef
gotta have the personal chef who will make any wildcat hooper anything he wants on the spot.


again if you need motivation, there’s a wall dedicated to all the recent NBA players


Flat Screen
who can turn the single room with the nice flat screen to watch sportscenter on after beating and SEC opponent


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