John Calipari Uses Jay-Z And Barclay Center As Recruiting Tool

University of Kentucky head basketball coach John Calipari is the undisputed king of college basketball right now.

Right now there is no one that does it better.

It pays to be the reigning National Champions, it pays to be the guy point guards go to when they want to make it to the league, and it pays to know big people in big places.

What better recruiting tool can a man have than social media, instagram, and a big homie like Sean Carter.

Calipari was invited to the opening of the Barclay Center and first of Jay-Z’s sold out shows because his Kentucky Wildcats will take on Maryland November, 9 in the same building.


You can call John Calipari a lot of things.

I’d send my son to him in a heart beat.

Big Pimpin Calipari, and until they change the rules, “He Will Not Lose.”


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