Josh Hamilton blames Caffeine for eye Injury


Josh Hamilton returned back to the lineup Monday after suffering from what he described as a ‘sinus infection’ only to be later diagnosed with ocular keratitis.

The ailment, which is exacerbated by caffeine intake, dries out the corneas and was causing Hamilton blurred vision. This isn’t the first ‘odd’ eye infliction Hamilton has been struck with remember when he blamed his poor day game hitting stats on the fact he has blue eyes?

Hamilton has always been a very injury prone player, and it seems like these odd illnesses that only happen to him just keep piling up. Hamilton is in the middle of a contract year where he will essentially be signing his one last big contract for the future.

Talks of his hard to break tobacco habit (from earlier in the year) and his occasional off the wagon liquor slips come up as red flags to teams interested in his services. Also, take into account that Josh has missed 5 critical games that the Rangers need to win as the season winds down and it’s not looking good. It may sound harsh but if he wants to make the money talent like his warrants he’s either got to toughen up or just keep these things mum.

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