Josh Morgan Received Death Threats Via Twitter From Redskins Fans

Redskins wide receiver Josh Morgan allowed Cortland Finnegan to get under his skin, and he’s paying for it now.

His actions cost his team the game against the Rams, he was fined for throwing the ball at Finnegan, and he’s now receiving death threats via twitter from angry Redskin fans.

Here is a sample of some of the Tweets Morgan was receiving.

Wrote one person on Twitter: “JOSH MORGAN I WILL KILL YOU IN YOUR (expletive) SLEEP”

Tweeted another: “You & the crack epidemic are the two worst things that’s happened to DC”

When asked about what he thought about it, Morgan didn’t seem that phased by it.  Here is what he said via USA Today.

“I heard everything,” Morgan said Wednesday. “Especially when they’re on Twitter sending death threats and wishing bad on your family and your first-born and things like that. They treated me like they did (49ers kick returner) Kyle Williams last year. It’s all over my Twitter. It kept me motivated, kept me focused.”

Was Morgan afraid?

“Nothing really scares me,” he said. “I’m from D.C.”

Point taken.  A lot of people have keyboard courage, but would never say things like this in person, so Morgan is doing the right thing by just shaking it off.