Joumana Kidd Had Her Son Steal Jason Kidd’s Phone To Spy On Him

Nothing says I am good mother like having your kid sneak into his dad’s locker room and steal his phone to see if he is cheating on you.

I am sure that is great for the child’s psyche.

Joumana Kidd missed her calling, if she was married to Jason Kidd during the explosion of social media she would have been a star similar to Evelyn Lozada or Pilar Sanders, instead she is force to try to stay in the spotlight by telling old stories about how it use to be before Basketball Wives.

In the interview she talks about having her son steal the phone so she could read Jason Kidd’s text messages and heckled him during a game in New Jersey back in 2006.

“I will say that most women put in that place would have acted the same way, or at least wanted to,” says the advice columnist. “Plus, it was blown up into something way bigger than it was. It was just his lawyers trying to paint a picture of me crossing boundaries and they did a good job of it. But it was far from the truth. And, it wasn’t as dramatic and amazing as they made it sound, although I kind of wish it was.”

Notice how she never denied it happened?

She just said it wasn’t as “dramatic” as they made it out to be. That is probably true, but doesn’t change the fact that’s an awful thing to have your child do.

Joumana also says she has been blackballed from the “NBA Wives” circle, because she isn’t a NBA wife anymore. This isn’t uncommon and is probably the main reason a lot of women stay with their athlete boyfriends and husbands even though they know they aren’t the only woman in their lives.

Hard going from steak to Hamburger Helper even though I am fan of Hamburger Helper myself.

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  • This is flat out messed up! The Daily News took her story from a different interview and made it seem like it was saying something different. She found that phone on her own with zero assistance from her son. Messed up how our society attacks people who have already been victimized.

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