Knicks Marcus Camby Says He Couldn’t See Himself Putting on Heat Uniform


I honestly have no idea what Marcus Camby is talking about.

The rivalry the Knicks had with the Heat when he was playing with them was a decade ago, has nothing to do with this new Heat team, but I guess this sounds good when you have decided to sign with Knicks.

After that, the Heat tried signing up former Houston Rockets center Marcus Camby, who almost did until he bolted to re-join the New York Knicks.

However, the big reason Camby didn’t sign with the Heat was the battles he used to have with them back in the past. He just couldn’t see himself wearing that uniform.

“I knew that it would have been very hard for me to put on that Miami Heat uniform, especially all the battles we used to have back in the days with Houston and those guys,” he told Newsday. “I’m happy things worked out.



  1. Have you ever played sports…to a competitive person once a rival always a rival….im almost 10yrs removed and i can never see myself hooping or running track for Michelle Obamas own Whitney Young Highschool because they were a rival to my highschool..just like i will never hoop with a Ada park team bc I am from Cooper Park

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