Lamar Odom’s Baby Mama Liza Morales Gets a Reality Show

A lot of women should study Liza Morales’ situation and use it as a reality check. Ms. Morales was with Lamar Odom for 12 years and had three of his kids, but he never fully committed to her. Lam Lam met Khloe Kardashian and like five days later they were married.

If a guy hasn’t committed to you after a decade, he simply isn’t that into you and he is just keeping you around for reasons other than really wanting to be with you.

Ms. Morales will get to vent her frustrations about this on a new TLC reality show about athletes ex wives and baby mamas because of course there aren’t enough reality shows like that out all ready.

“Liza and a bunch of other ladies who were married [to] or dated famous men are coming to TLC,”

“This show isn’t going to be fake reality show,” one insider says. “It’s going to reveal the truth about a lot of men we thought we knew.”

Sure it is…….

When they say a lot of truth, all that mean is a lot of bitter women talking bad about their ex-guys because they are with new women, nothing new about that.

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  • Lam likes em thick.

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