Lance Easley, Hail Mary TD Ref Spotted at the Club With a Packers Fan (Photo)

If you thought Easley was going to hide in his basement after costing the Packers a victory on Monday Night you were wrong.

Larry Brown Sports is reporting that Easley was out partying at Club Habanos in Frenso, California.  The irony of this is the photo above which was provided by a Frenso news anchor shows Easley getting his two step on with a Packers Fan.

Easley is an interesting character.  By all accounts he is a nice guy, nothing salacious in his past, but he couldn’t even make it as a Division I ref and he is possibly a lifelong Seahawks fan.

Many have pointed out that Easley was just doing the best he could and the real blame lies with Roger Goodell and the NFL.  I tend to agree with that and if Easley is upset about what happened Monday night, he surely isn’t showing it.