Lance Easley The Official Who Called Golden Tate’s TD is Allegedly a Seahawks Fan

There is no way to confirm if this Ben Hoffman is really Lance (or Larry as he calls him) Easley’s nephew or not. Complicating matters is that Hoffman is a comedian so he could just be trolling for attention.

On the off chance that he is telling the truth then……………

No matter how good of a human being “Larry” might be, if you have an opportunity to help the team that you are a fan of win a game you are going to do it.

Even if you don’t mean to do it, it is built into your subconscious.

It is apparent that the NFL hasn’t done much screening of their replacement officials and just got whoever they could off the street.

If this information is factual and I don’t know that it is, it sheds a who new light on the Packers getting screwed last night.  But, the NFL credibility is going down the drain so they need to at least investigate.

3 thoughts on “Lance Easley The Official Who Called Golden Tate’s TD is Allegedly a Seahawks Fan

  • You guys really need to research better…a comedian with a upcoming new series on Comedy Central…who also fake live tweeted a Obama fundraiser a few months back and got some easy press…You THINK he might be trolling?…come on

  • Just like the official in Super Bowl XL was from Pittsburgh, and called offensive pass interference but ignored the defensive pass interference that happened first.

  • Agree with Do Some Fact Checking. At least you mention in your blog that it might not be true….and it isn’t true. He’s a comedian known for “fake” tweeting.

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