Lebron James Says The Heat Are Scary Good

Bron Bron has ring protection now, so he can say whatever he likes.

James has put the demons of his past failures behind him and got a new sharp shooting teammate to go along with it.

So what now for the Heat.

According to the New York Daily News things are about to get “scary” for the NBA.

James was asked about all the pieces in his locker room and one word came to mind.


James and his teammates think the Heat will be even better this season.

“We can be better than we were this past season,” James said, on the day when he got sized for his first championship ring. “Are we better right now than we were just a couple months ago? Of course not. … But we have the potential to be better.

“We have the potential to be a lot better. That is scary.”

The Heat have quietly gone about their business, while everyone has deemed the Lakers preseason paper champions.

This will be one epic NBA season.



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