Lebron James Shoots Down Story of Him Promising Vegas Party For Liverpool FC

It was a good story while it lasted.

Lebron is a minority owner of Liverpool FC and was quoted in a British Tabloid saying this.

“Everybody in sport needs incentive,” he told a British tabloid**, “And if the guys at Liverpool win something this year I will give them the best weekend of their life in Vegas.”

Kanye is in and trust me, nobody does Vegas like LeBron and Kanye. We will take them to places in Vegas 99 per cent of people don’t even know exist. There is Vegas and then there is Vegas. I am coming over to see a game soon with Kanye and Jay-Z so maybe we can talk more about the trip then.

Sounds like a good incentive to me, but it appears the tabloid made the whole thing up.

Representatives from the James camp have said the story in the British tabloid is not true and that the story has been pulled down from the paper’s website.

Honestly, the quote didn’t sound too much like something Lebron would say publicly, maybe it was something he said privately and off the record.

I guess we won’t know until Kanye shows up.

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