Manny Pacquiao Says Floyd Mayweather is Afraid to Fight Him

Floyd Mayweather isn’t scared of Manny Pacquiao. Manny Pacquiao couldn’t knock out an injured Tim Bradley. Pacquiao barely beat Juan Manuel Marquez in a fight that many believe JMM won last year.

The days where people thought Pacquiao was a world beater are over.

There are multiple reasons why this fight hasn’t happened and probably will never happen, but the chief reason is Bob Arum.

Floyd just doesn’t want to give Arum any money, nor does he want to give Pacquiao a 50/50 split. Floyd would rather make $40-50 million on his own than make $60-70 million fighting Pacquiao knowing that a huge portion of the profits will go to Bob Arum.

Floyd likes to run his own show and simply doesn’t want to share.

As a fan it is your right to think that is a selfish way of thinking, but that is what is really going on. It has nothing to do with fear, that is just boxing hyperbole.

Maybe in Manny’s mind he believes that and that is why he said it on 1st Take, but I am 100% sure if Pacquiao was on Golden Boy or any other promotional company besides Top Rank, the fight would have already happened.

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  • Correct. It is not Mayweather’s fault, and if Pacquio really wants this fight to happen, and get $ 40-50 million, then switch over to Golden Boy or somebody else. Arum is the reason and he is an idiot, and who would stay with someone over that kind of money?

  • yeah u nigga hata!

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