Mark Cuban Thinks OJ Mayo Can Be A Star

At this point in his NBA career, OJ Mayo has yet to live up to the lofty billing that gained him universal praise coming out  Huntington, West Virginia.

Mayo averaged 15 points per game in 4 season with the Memphis Grizzlies.  Those are decent numbers, but hardly compare with the production of Derrick Rose, Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook and others from his draft class.

Mayo agreed to a two year deal with the Mavericks during the off-season, and Mavs owner Mark Cuban feels Mayo is finally in the right situation to get the most out of his abilities.

Mark Cuban and and some of Mayo’s new Maverick teammates think the shooting guard can become a star via the Dallas Morning Mews.

ew Mavericks executive and Texas Legends coach Eddie Najera has been helping with some informal workouts and said O.J. Mayo has been impressive during the off-season.

“You can see it in his eyes,” Najera said. “He looks like he’s really ready to move his game up.”

It’s been evident in the other players participating in the unofficial workouts.

“O.J. comes in with the work ethic and everybody falls in behind him,” Jared Cunningham said. “He’s a great teammate and he’s knocking shots down.

“His confidence is back. He’s in the gym every day — late nights and early mornings.”

Said owner Mark Cuban on Mayo: “I think he can be a star and I think O.J. knows that this is his make-or-break, who-am-I-really-going-to-be-in-this-league year. And Coach [Rick Carlisle] is going to give him that opportunity. We’ll see what happens.”

Mayo will have the opportunity to get plenty of buckets being the second scoring option behind Dirk Nowitzki, and no one but himself to blame if he doesn’t make the most of this opportunity.