Mark Jackson Says Reggie Miller is the 3rd Greatest Shooting Guard of All-Time


Someone’s personal opinion can’t be wrong, so if Jackson thinks Miller is 3rd best shooting guard of all time, he is entitled to that opinion.

The consensus being Jordan is #1 and Kobe is #2.

I think Jerry West would be my #3, D Wade is up there as well as Clyde Drexler. It is an interesting debate, here is what Jackson had to say.

Where does Reggie Miller rank among the top shooting guards ever to play the game?

Former Pacer, former annoying broadcaster, current Warriors coach Mark Jackson was asked that by the Indianapolis Star and came back with a surprising number.

“When you take Michael Jordan and you take Kobe Bryant out of the discussion, he’s as good as any two-guard that has ever played the game,” Jackson said.


  1. It ISN’T Interesting AT ALL Though becuz Reggie’s NOT AMONGST The All-Time Top Shooting Guards IMO

    MJ aka His Airness, Kobe, Jerry “The LOGO” West, Walt Frazier and Clyde Drexler are ALL BETTER Than Him Though (MF-ing Real…)

    Mark NEEDS to FOCUS on Keeping HIS Side-Hos in Check and BEING a Better Minister (To His Congregation…)

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