Matt Ryan Tells the Panthers: “Get the F*ck Off Our Field”

Matt Ryan trying to get to Bobby Drake status.

Part of that is pulling out wins when they really should be defeats. While the Panthers were fumbling away their way out of a victory, Ryan was completing bombs from his goal line to get the Falcons in range for a game winning field goal.

After that FG was made here is what Ryan had to say via Big Lead Sports.

6 thoughts on “Matt Ryan Tells the Panthers: “Get the F*ck Off Our Field”

  • Obviously not much of a Falcons fan Robert…You made that obvious with biased statement about how the Falcons keep pulling out wins that should be defeats. Stop drinking the haterade so much, maybe try doing a little fair sports writing. Don’t get me wrong, my opinions biased too, but I actually enjoy seeing the Falcons win games that they deserve to win. I guess every game thats within a field goal should have really been a win for the team that lost? Grow up.

  • Robert is just pissed cam newton got beaten by a white qb…..again. What a garbage site this is.

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