Michael Strahan Breaks Up With Nicole Murphy After He Caught Her Sexting


You can’t cheat on Michael Strahan.

This is the same guy who attached a GPS to his ex-wife’s care to monitor her activities.   According to The YBF Strahan was snooping through his fiancee’s Nicole Murphy phone and found some inappropriate text messages to another guy.

Strahan was also salty because Nicole had recently been featured in R&B singer London Taylor music video. Ironically, that was the same name of the person she was sending the flirty texts to.

Nicole and Michael have broken up several times only to get back together, so we will see if this break up sticks. Lesson to be learned guys is if you go snooping for something, you might find what you are looking for.


  1. She’s a viper!!! Any woman who goes around with various men wanting to be seen while using her famous ex-husband’s last name for whatever its worth is not one you want to put your hopes and dreams into.

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