Michael Vick Sensed His Teammates Were Doubting Him Before Game Winning Drive

Michael Vick was terrible, but his head coach wasn’t doing him any favors.

Throwing the ball 56 times when the Eagles never trailed or led by more than 10 points is crazy, especially considering that they have a Top 3 running back in LeSean McCoy who is probably their best and most consistent player.

Instead of doubting Vick, maybe they should start doubting Andy Reid.

“My teammates, they had that sudden look in their eyes as if they were wondering what was wrong with my attitude, why was I hanging my head,” Vick said after the game, via CSNPhilly.com.  “They had never seen me like that before.  I just felt like I let them down.  It’ll never happen again, regardless of what the game dictates.”

Vick responded by leading the Eagles on a 16-play, 91-yard drive that won the game, via a four-yard touchdown pass to tight end Clay Harbor.  Vick said the moment felt more like relief that triumph.

“Absolutely,” Vick said. “I would be lying if I said it wasn’t.”

Vick almost had a 5th interception on the play before the game winning TD, but alas he was able to pull the game out.  A win is a win, but the Eagles have to become a little more balanced and Vick has to be more careful with the ball or the Dream Team will become a Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2.