MNF Recap: Seahawks vs Packers

On paper it seemed like a ho-hum matchup with the Packers couriering all the favor. But if the Seahawks have taught us anything of recent it’s to never count them out, they came out playing hard from the get-go.

Rookie QB Russell Wilson didn’t even seem to have sweat under his brow as he faced off against arguably the league’s best QB in Aaron Rodgers. The Seahawks defense got their hands all over Rodgers and played very physical sacking Rodgers twice in the 1st quarter alone. The first score in the game didn’t come till midway through the 2nd quarter when Wilson connected on a pass to Golden Tate for a touchdown.

The hero of the game is the pass rush tandem of Seattle fronted by Bruce Irvin and Chris Clemons which sacked Rodgers 8 times. Greenbay came out uncharacteristically lethargic with Rodgers leading them to their only touchdown drive in the 4th quarter, which put them ahead 12-7.

Then there was the play that will live in infamy. Wilson threw a 24 yard ‘touchdown’ pass to Golden Tate with just two seconds on the clock. The refs hesitated for a nano-second before signaling a touchdown, clearly the Packers had intercepted the pass, with Golden Tate having a late hand on it. The only question was that of simultaneous catch, which it clearly wasn’t since the Packers grabbed the ball first–hence why it wasn’t ‘simultaneous’.  This was a glaring  an unbelievably massive gaff on behalf of the replacement refs and just another chink in their already rusting armor. This is totally unjust and the Packers were victims of poor and unqualified officiating.

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