Monday Night Football Recap

Falcons: 27

Broncos: 21

Things got off pretty rough for Peyton Manning as he echoed his little brother Eli with a 3 interception game. But unlike Eli, all three picks came in the first quarter

The Broncos played from behind the entire night of what was a 3 hour, 27 minute long game riddled with replacement ref gaffs. And one  in which the Falcons defense and offensive weapons out-shined that of Denver’s. Manning completed just 24 of 37 passes for 241 yards and finished the game with a 58.5 passer rating.

The Falcons defense was the story of the night though, as their offense did relent some of its early dominance and let the Broncos back in the game with a chance to take the lead at the end. The Falcons import on cover 2 defense saw their secondary came up with huge gains as Safety Thomas DeCoud and Cornerback Robert McClain gobbled up Manning’s 2nd and 3rd INT’s. The theme for the night was to throw everything but the kitchen sink at Manning and to make him throw target and get him out of his element. The mixed packages at the lineback position had Manning looking every which way before he even dared throw a pass.

The Falcons are a team that are in desperate need of redemption after years of coming up short. This is Matt Ryan’s time to separate himself as just a good regular season Quarterback and do wonders in the post season. In a year where the Saints seem to be down, the Panthers have more work to do before they get taken serious the Falcons have to seize the opportunity given to them. Going out and beating Mr. Monday Night Football himself, Peyton Manning, and making him look especially bad in the process is certainly a step in theh right direction.