Mother Of Texas Tech Camper Says Billy Gillispie Verbally Abused Her Son

Even after his resignation, the horror of the Billy Gillispie reign at Texas Tech is still dishing out terrible findings.

ESPN via the Associated Press is reporting that the mother of teenager attending Gillispie’s basketball camp wrote a letter  to a top Texas Tech administrator claiming that Gillispie verbally abused her son.

According to reports the woman wrote in the letter that other coaches attending the camp told her Gillispie “likes to pick someone and try to ‘break them’ for some reason,” and that her son “wasn’t doing anything wrong,” according to another document.

The mother said that on the first play of the camp, her son, a senior in high school overthrew another camper and Gillispie lit into him.  The mother was obviously concerned and felt it was a simple turnover.

“It happens,” the mother wrote in her letter. “That’s the only thing he thought brought on the barrage of insults spurted from the mouth of your coach Gillispie. This was the first of many such verbal attacks.

The mother was going to pull her son from the camp that ran from June 24-27, but wanted her son to learn something from having to deal with all types of people.

Yet and still she felt Billy Gillispie’s actions were horrible.

“Coach Gillispie’s behavior was inappropriate and unnecessary,” the mother wrote. “Our job as teachers is to motivate and educate and empower. It is not our job to attempt to break a child’s spirit through constant insult and negative feedback.”

I don’t think Billy Gillispie will be running anything basketball related ever again.