Mother Of UNC’s Tyler Hansbrough Used Fundraiser Money For Trips

University of North Carolina basketball is taking a hit lately.

First there were reports of academic fraud and now more reports of a more serious fraud have surfaced.

Larry Brown Sports is reporting that Tami Hansbrough, mother of former Tar Heel great Tyler Hansbrough, along with chief fundraiser Matt Kupec are being accused of  using school fundraising money to take personal trips.

UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp stated that,”A review of Kupec’s travels with Hansbrough showed that they took trips that were not university related.

One of those trips was to see young brother Ben play at Notre Dame.

Thorp also had a few more comments.

“It was difficult because Matt has been such a great person for the university and has raised billions of dollars for us,” Thorp explained, “but I had to share with him what we had been finding and it didn’t look good and that it’s likely that this sort of personally driven travel was unacceptable, and we are going to need to do a pretty thorough investigation of it.”

Ms. Hansbrough worked as a major gift officer and earned almost a six figure salary at North Carolina.  She has been divorced from the Elder Hansbrough and was believed to have been involved in a relationship with Mr. Kupec.

The bigger question is how did the mom of a UNC recruit get such a high paying gig?

We’ll leave that for another time though.

I present the Tyler Struggleface