NFL Removes Replacement Ref Brian Stropolo From Saints Game


These replacement referees cant possibly have any sense.

Reports form ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, the NFL has removed a replacement referee by the name of Brian Stropolo from the Carolina vs. Saints game this afternoon. The reasoning behind his removal is simple, he posted pictures online of himself in Saints apparel being a fan of the team.

The NFL became aware of the facebook page when ESPN notified them. It was said that afterward the NFL took the appropriate actions and removed the replacement ref and replaced him with Tim Keese.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen:

Stropolo worked the Week 1 opener between the Cowboys and Giants and posted on Sept. 5: “Thanks to everyone for all the support. The crew did a great job tonight. Next stop September 16th at Carolina vs the Saints.”

Stropolo’s status update drew 73 “likes” and comments such as “Hey, now be nice with those yellow flags for our Saints!!” and “That’s awesome you get to be an official for a Saints game! I didn’t think they would let you since your (sic) from Louisiana.”

No one said that Refs cant be fans of any team, but to publicly show your allegiance outside of your home is crazy. Every fan wants to know that their team is treated fairly in ANY game, even if its a small call, those can cost games. I understand its hard at times to not show support for a team you grew up loving, but you took on the responsibility of being a referee which means you have to subject yourself to the job and everything it entails even if that means having no team affiliation.

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