North Dakota LB Jamie Kuntz Says He Was Kicked Off Team For Being Gay

They actually said Kuntz being gay was “conduct deemed detrimental to the team” and the reason he was kicked off the team was because he originally lied about being gay.  He might be the first player in college history to be kicked off a team for lying about something that wasn’t criminal.

This is 2012 right? All they should care about is if Kuntz can tackle running backs and rush the quarterback.

A kiss from his much-older boyfriend at that game led the freshman linebacker to be kicked off the team, he said.

North Dakota State College of Sciences in Wahpeton acknowledges Kuntz was disciplined by the team, but says it wasn’t because he is gay. Football coach Chuck Parsons told Kuntz in a letter that he was removed from the team for lying about the kiss.

Kuntz said he and his 65-year-old boyfriend were in the press box at the game against Snow College in Pueblo, Colo., over Labor Day weekend. Kuntz was videotaping the game for the team. His Wildcats were down by more than 40 points when “the kiss just happened,” he said. The team would eventually lose 63-17.

“People around here aren’t exposed to it,” Kuntz said of homosexuality. “People expect gays to be flamboyant, not football players.”

The 65 year old boyfriend is a little strange, but that isn’t the issue. The central point is would Kuntz have been kicked off the team for kissing a girl?

Would his teammate had even reported it?

If the answers to those two questions are NO, then that is a problem.

2 thoughts on “North Dakota LB Jamie Kuntz Says He Was Kicked Off Team For Being Gay

  • I smell a lawsuit coming soon, which could be ground breaking.

  • The thing that technically got him kicked off was lying. Yes the fact he kissed a 65 year old “more than an ordinary kiss” in plain site in the pressbox was what really bothered them but then he lied and said it was just his grandfather. This LEGALLY permitted him to be terminated whether anyone (himself included) like it or not because this is clearly prohibited by team rules.

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