Oscar De La Hoya Settles Lawsuit From Woman Who Claimed He Kidnapped Her


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Oscar has admitted he had some strange fetishes in the past (if you couldn’t tell from pictures above).  This woman had claimed that De La Hoya kidnapped her, made her do drugs and wild sexual fantasies (that she consented to).

In the end the judge didn’t think more of the lawsuit, but De La Hoya does have to pay her legal fees.

A woman who claimed to have been intimidated by boxer Oscar De La Hoya during a wild night at a New York City hotel has now been ordered to pay his legal bill, after a judge said her lawsuit was “frivolous” and malicious.

A Manhattan court ruled Friday that model Angelica Cecora owes $12,000 in legal fees to the former welterweight champion.

Cecora’s lawsuit had accused De La Hoya of a variety of perverted behaviors during a night of consensual sex, but stopped short of accusing him of forcing her to do anything against her will.