Packers OL Josh Sitton Says If I Could Go On Strike I Would

Packer players are still a bit heated about being robbed by the replacement referees Monday night.

some Packer players have hinted at taking drastic measures if they could.

Packers offensive guard Josh Sitton says he would walk off the job if he could because he feels the NFL is not concerned about players safety.

The Green Bay Press-Gazette  is reporting that Sitton was on the Jim Rome Show when he made those comments.

“There needs to be something done. I wish I had an answer. If I could go on strike, I fricking would just to end this crap. I don’t know if we can — we probably can’t because of the CBA — but I wish there was an answer. I don’t think they care. They flat-out don’t care.”

I’m not sure all NFL players necessarily agree with Mr. Sitton.

A walk out or strike by NFL players essentially takes money out their pockets, and regardless of how bad the replacement refs are, there are a few guys in the league who may not want to part with that much money.

Sorry Josh.

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