Pacquiao Willing to Agree to 55/45 Split in Mayweather’s Favor to Get Fight Done


For the most part I don’t think it has been Manny Pacquiao’s fault the fight with Mayweather hasn’t happened. At the beginning he was being a bit iffy about the drug testing, but now he says that isn’t an issue and that he is willing to be tested even on the day of the fight.

He has gone back and forth on the money situation, but publicly said on ESPN First Take he would be willing to take a little less to get the fight done (a 55/45 split in Mayweather’s favor to be exact).

He also admits Floyd offered him a flat fee of $40 million to fight him and he turned it down.

All commendable concessions on his part, unfortunately that doesn’t eliminate the true problem with the negotiations and that is Bob Arum.

Doesn’t really matter what Pacquiao’s says, it is Arum who has to sign off on the fight. I simply don’t see him doing that if it isn’t a 50/50 split.

If Pacquaio wasn’t with Arum the fight would have already happened.

It will be interesting to see if Pacquiao beats JMM again, if Floyd is interested in making the fight. I think the ship has sailed, but you never know in boxing.


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