Replacement Ref Who Called Seahawks TD, Wasn’t Good Enough for Division I Football

It isn’t Lance Easley’s fault.

It wasn’t like he was looking to be a NFL official, but when he got the call who would turn that down? He is a high school and Juco official who was called up to the big time.

By all account he is a nice man, but the person who trained him says he wasn’t even qualified to be an official in Division I college football.

He wanted to be a DI college official so he went to a training academy ran by Karl Richins. They help determine who is ready to make the step up to DI officiating and here is what Richins had to say.

“I got to know Lance at a June academy I worked at in Reno and when he came to my academy in July,” Richins said. “He’s a very polite, good Christian gentleman, a good father to his son, Daniel, who was at my academy as well.

“But was Lance ready to work at the NFL level? Absolutely not.”

“At no time do we say, ‘We can train you for the NFL.’ After three days at our academy, Lance was determined by our staff not to be ready for Division I officiating.”

Once again not Mr. Easley fault, so people shouldn’t be mad at him. They should be mad at the NFL for hiring fired Lingerie League officials and guys who aren’t even ready for big time college football on the field.

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