Rex Ryan Says Mark Sanchez Is The Answer For Jets At Quarterback

The New York Jets were humiliated today at home by the San Francisco 49ers and plenty of the pundits want to place the blame smack on quarterback Mark Sanchez’s back.

Sanchez was a putrid 13-of-29 passes for 103 yards, no touchdowns and an interception.

Sanchez constantly missed his targets, and many thought he would be pulled.

People are now wondering if it’s Tebow time.

According to, Rex Ryan says not so fast.

“I’m not ready to make a quarterback change,” Ryan said. “Obviously we’ve got to get better play at quarterback and we got to get better play at a lot of things. You look at yourself first and there’s things we clearly all need to do.

“Mark’s the answer at quarterback.”

The New York Jets season is unraveling at a comical rate.

The lead New York in the backpage headlines just like they wanted, it’s just for the wrong reasons.

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