Ricky Hatton Coming Out of Retirement

May 2nd 2009…………

Also known as the day I thought I saw a murder in the ring. It was my first big time Vegas fight I was covering as media, so understandably I was excited.

This was Manny Pacquiao in his prime and while Hatton had lost to Floyd Mayweather people still gave him an excellent shot.

The British fans  the best boxing fans in the world and they had been drinking for days and were charged up. Immediately though Pacquiao blitzed Hatton knocking him down a few times in the 1st round.

The 2nd round though Hatton was doing a little better then this happened.

I try not to speak in hyperbole, but many of us that Hatton was dead. There was a brief moment where it look liked he was having trouble breathing and we were fearful for his life. He was alive but his boxing soul was taken. The loss was so bad Hatton turned to heavy drugs in his retirement. It is still the singular most exciting thing I have seen at a sporting event in my decade plus covering sports.

It took over three years, but Ricky Hatton is mounting a comeback.

The Hitman is back in business. Ricky Hatton, the British boxer that fought for twelve years in the welterweight and light welterweight circuits before retiring last year, is expected to announce his return to the sport in a Friday press conference, according to a report from Sky Sports.

Hatton’s career included WBA and IBF championships at Light Welterweight in addition to a WBA Welterweight championship. He amassed a 45-2 record over the course of his career, but is perhaps better known in the United States for the two fights he lost – to Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.