Robert Griffin III Didn’t Know Defensive Players Could Hit Him on QB Designed Runs


RG3 was whining a bit about being dirty hits, but it appears he just didn’t know the rules of the NFL. Which is odd because they are the same as college if you are running the option.

I think he believed that in the NFL the quarterback just can’t be hit period, but when you are running around like Tommie Frazier they can put their paws on you.

Here is what Griffin had to say via Pro Football Talk.

I thought they were not legal hits but coach informed me that technically they can hit me,” Griffin said. “Even on keepers, they can hit you if you’re carrying out your fake. I didn’t know that so I guess I’ll be running with my arms up a lot more, letting them know, ‘Hey, I don’t have the ball. Please hit me if you want to get a 15-yard penalty.’”

Doesn’t matter if he is running with arms up or not, if it is a running play he isn’t a quarterback anymore and can be hit legally by any defensive player.

If he doesn’t want to be hit, he should tell his coach to stop calling so many design quarterback runs and options.


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