Robert Littal’s 32 NFL Predictions & Super Bowl Matchup

32 Predictions for all 32 teams

  1. The Bills will get off to another good start; Bills Fan will get excited only to watch them end up 6-10.
  2. Joe Philbin will be head-butting a lot of walls as the Dolphins finish with worst record in the league.
  3. Steven Ridley rushes for over 1200 yards for the Patriots.
  4. Tim Tebow will start several games for Jets and immediately have Jets Fan wishing they hadn’t been so mean to Mark Sanchez.
  5. Joe Flacco throws for over 4000 yards.
  6. AJ Green becomes the next T.O. without the Baby Mamas, Dr. Phil and pushups in Drive Way.
  7. Browns realize that drafting a Running Back in the Top 5 means nothing when everything else about your team in terrible.
  8. Mike Tomlin makes up for his loss on income for HOUSE going off the air by turning Jonathan Dwyer into the next Steelers lead back.
  9. Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson and Arian Foster will all miss at least 3 games due to injury.
  10. Andrew Luck will make Pro Bowl (after 2 QBs decline to go) and Reggie Wayne will be a Top 10 fantasy receiver.
  11. Maurice Jones Drew will get a haircut and still end up with 1200 yards and 10 TDs.
  12. Kenny Britt will get in trouble with the law again, before he becomes an impact WR.  Kendall Wright will lead Titans in catches.
  13. Peyton Manning will play all 16 games and turn Eric Decker into a star with a DIRECTV commercial.
  14. Matt Cassel will be the downfall of the Chiefs.
  15. Carson Palmer will throw 20 TDs, but also 20 INTs.
  16. Philip Rivers will have his best statistical year ever, but the Chargers will have the worst record since he became starting QB.
  17. Dez Bryant will stay out of trouble, but once again fail to reach 1000 yards receiving.
  18. The Giants will struggle to make the playoffs, sneak in and but no one will overlook them this time.
  19. Michael Vick will play 14 games and the Eagles will win the NFC East.
  20. By week 6 fairly or unfairly Skins fans will be asking for Kirk Cousins to start.
  21. Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler becomes the best QB/WR tandem in the league.
  22. Calvin Johnson 20 receiving TDs.
  23. Packers has “playoff hangover” fall back to the pack pun intended and barely make playoffs.
  24. Adrian Peterson gets hurt coming back too soon from ACL and finishes season on IR.
  25. Roddy White still ends up with more catches and yards than Julio Jones.
  26. Cameron Newton sophomore season stat wise takes a step back, but the Panthers and he will be better for it.
  27. The Saints have no ill effects from Sean Payton having to watch them on the Sunday Ticket.  Drew Brees has another 5000 yard season.
  28. Greg Schiano fails spectacular as a  Head Coach.
  29. Neither John Skelton nor Kevin Kolb ends the year as the Cardinals QB.  Could be a “Chunky” QB calling the shots.
  30. Sam Bradford reminds everyone why he was #1 pick in the draft.
  31. Randy Moss is cut before Week 10.
  32. Matt Flynn will get at least 4 starts with Seahawks.


Super Bowl Prediction!!!

Baltimore Raves 24

Atlanta Falcons 20

2 thoughts on “Robert Littal’s 32 NFL Predictions & Super Bowl Matchup

  • Falcons are one of the teams who play an easy schedule, and fall flat on their faces in the playoffs. I don’t see that changing this year either, even with a stronger schedule.

  • Short and straight to the point. Very well done. Disagree with the super bowl. Falcons don’t have the chops. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Giants there again. Then again I am a Giants fan so I am biased.

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