S. Florida WR Chris Dunkley Suspended; Arrested for Beating GF with Computer Cord


Here is how the beating allegedly went down according to ESPN.

Dunkley and his girlfriend get into an argument. Dunkley snaps and throws his girlfriend to the floor and starts punching her in the arms and legs causing significant bruising.

But, Dunkley wasn’t done according to the police report.

Dunkley then grabs his girlfriend by the hair and throws her into the closet. Once she was in the closet he grabbed a computer cord and started to whip her with it causing multiple lacerations.

The police indicates this wasn’t the first time Dunkley has been abusive.

You think?

Curiously the alleged assault happened on the 21st, but they decided not to charge him until after South Florida played Florida State.

Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

He has been suspended indefinitely.