Sean Payton Buried Himself In Junk Food During Saints Loss To Redskins

Has to be rough for Saints head coach Sean Payton.

Can you imagine being suspended from school or your family.

Then being told oh yea you can’t be in school or see your family, and you can’t speak to them either.

Payton watch the first game of his bounty gate suspension and was shocked to see his team look so bad against the Redskins.

As the game got worse for the Saints, and the scoreboard resembled their play,  Payton told the Times-Picayune that he   “Just started eating a bunch of junk food in the fourth quarter when they were losing,”

It’s one thing to hear from the Saints players and coaches inside the team’s practice facility all week leading up to Sunday’s Week 2 matchup with the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium that it’s OK to back away from the ledge. It’s another to hear it from the coach everyone is still talking about.

“These guys are pros and they understand week by week getting onto the next game and they certainly understand the importance of this next game,” Payton said. “The next one will be important. We’re in the division this week. We’ll handle this the right way.”

It’s going to be a long year for Payton.

Hope he has a few hobbies.