Serena Williams Dating Her Tennis Coach Patrick Mouratoglou (Photos)



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According to Serena Williams might be off the market fellas.

Serena is dating her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou!!! Patrick has also been coaching Serena since her loss at the French Open. They look quite comfy, no? The coaching/dating sitch is clearly working out because since they’ve started working with each other she has won: Wimbledon, Olympic Gold, and the US Open.

She did tell you black men she wasn’t dating you anymore. There’s proof.

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  1. “She did tell you black men she wasn’t dating you anymore. Theres proof.”

    Who cares? Sisters love to gloat when a white man dates them, but they’ll be the first ones ready to cry foul when/if it ends with the white knight. They want to screw her like anyone else. /end

  2. Even if I thought Serena was attractive (which I never have), I still wouldn’t hate on her relationship in any way. Congrats to her and her new man!

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