Sergio Martinez Beats Julio Ceaser Chavez Jr; Video of Dramatic 12th Round

Everything that is great about boxing was on display during that Sergio Martinez vs. Julio Ceaser Chavez Jr fight. A wild crowd, a great backstory, a skilled fighter and young gun trying to prove himself.

Sergio Martinez was putting on a Mayweather like boxing lesson when this happened….

Martinez was actually hurt by JCC in the 11th round as he started to run out of gas. He wasn’t slipping the punches as well or escaping the ropes.

The fighting against the ropes was the only chance JCC had and he finally caught Martinez with a flush left hook that put Martinez on the canvas in the 12th round.

Memories of JCC Sr stopping Meldrick Taylor with two seconds left came to mind, but Martinez held on.

The fight was so dramatic everyone was talking rematch. I think that would be a good thing for both fighters and it would be a massive event.

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