Sergio Martinez Breaks Hand, Tears Knee Ligaments & Needs Staples in His Head After Fight

Sergio Martinez is a legit middleweight fighter, realistically he might be a little better at junior middleweight. Julio Ceaser Chavez Jr is a middleweight who could fighting at Light Heavyweight, so I am not surprised that the punches that did connect had an effect on Martinez.

Here is a rundown of Martinez’s injuries.

  • Broken left Hand (probably from the 5 million straight left hands he hit JCC with)
  • Eight stitches of left eye.
  • Two Staples on the top of his head (from accidental head butt).
  • Torn Ligaments in right knee (might need surgery).

People are salivating for a rematch, but it won’t be for a while until Martinez heals up.