Shaquille O’Neal Considering Playing in Mexican Basketball League


The Big Nacho Grande?

I am sure if the money is right, Shaq will entertain all the Mexican ladies for a couple of games, especially since he has broken up with Hoopz.

The former NBA big man is reportedly considering a stint with Fuerza Regia of the Mexican Liga Nacional de Baloncesto Profesional League.

Citing tweets from Xavier Cabello of ESPN Deportes, Kurt Helin of reported that Regia’s team president Sergio Ganem confirmed that he is in talks with O’Neal for two games in October but that no deal is in place at this time.


  1. That would be a big mistake.

    The drug cartel is no joke. They will kidnap his happy ass in a heartbeat. They’ve got the police and the military scared of them.

    Why go somewhere where there will be ZERO protection ???

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