Sheryl Crow Snitched To The Feds About Lance Armstrong’s Doping

The New York Daily News is reporting that Lance Armstrong’s former fiance and Grammy award winning country artist Sheryl Crow provided information last year in the federal investigation into Armstrong’s reported doping.

Crow was interviewed by federal agents in late 2011.

Crow, who was once engaged to the tarnished cyclist, provided information last year in a far-reaching federal investigation into the doping programs that fueled her former fiancé’s victorious Tour de France teams, the Daily News has learned.

Federal agents interviewed the Grammy-winning musician in late 2011, just before a grand jury probe into Armstrong and his associates abruptly ended without any criminal charges being handed up.

Armstrong, now 40, has vowed he competed clean, but a tidal wave of inside information about doping conspiracies on his teams is now flooding into public view, testing the promise Armstrong issued last week in which he claimed he is finished answering questions about the matter.

Food and Drug Administration criminal investigator Jeff Novitzky, who helped lead the government’s investigation, declined to comment when asked about the feds’ interview with Crow. Lawyers for Armstrong did not respond to an email the Daily News sent Thursday afternoon seeking comment about Crow’s role in the investigation.

An attorney who advised the celebrated songwriter about cooperating with the investigation also declined to comment on the matter when the Daily News contacted him Thursday morning.

“I’m not going to comment one way or the other,” said the attorney, Jay Cooper, citing attorney-client privilege among the reasons he wouldn’t comment.

There is no concrete evidence that Crow provided incriminating evidence about Armstrong.

The two did have a bitter Seperation right around the time Crow was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Is she a former lover scorned.  Who knows.

This story will play out some more.

9 thoughts on “Sheryl Crow Snitched To The Feds About Lance Armstrong’s Doping

  • The headline is very misleading as to the content of the story. I know sometimes things can be sensationalized, I have come to expect more from Black Sports Online. Headline: “Sheryl Crow Snitched To The Feds About Lance Armstrong’s Doping” vs line from article: “There is no concrete evidence that Crow provided incriminating evidence about Armstrong.” This is on some MediaTakeOut stuff…

  • Dwayne: i was thinking the same!

  • this article is bad journalism. Sheryl Crow has nothing to do with whether he doped up or not. And it was cleared up on our local news in Austin eight years ago. So… report on the weather or something

  • Using the word “snitch” sounds so much like those gang-bangers and drug dealers who feel that they have a legitimate right to commit a crime, and to reveal their crime is wrong.

    For anyone who does not realize it, when the FBI seeks to interview you they already know the answers to the questions that they will ask you. Because, lying to them about the most simple of things; will get you an automatic prison sentence.

    I don’t know what if anything Sheryl Crow said to the Feds, but you can bet your tail that she has intelligent attorneys who informed her to tell the truth no matter what.

    This woman has children and to lie for anyone and be sent to jail for what, protecting someones reputation. Ha! tell me who would take care of her kids while she served her prison time.

    And for all the people who think it’s okay to label her a snitch, your mentality is the reason why this country is in such horrible shape. You look the other way while dishonesty, hatred, greed and rampant violence are allowed to become the norm. Until of course it directly impacts you.

    • I wholeheartedly agree and I think that most intelligent people who take the time to read the article will see that the content has nothing to do with the headline. Unfortunately, it will have the opposite effect on the majority of idiots who believe that whatever is posted online is true.

  • maybe she’s a scorned lover…or maybe she’s someone disillusioned by failings of a former lover…or maybe she said nothing at all, and all of this is just prurient speculation about the sex lives of celbrities.

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