South Carolina Trainer Eye F*cking WR Bruce Ellington (Video)

Believe it or not it is very common for the female “trainers” to sleep with college and high school football players. When I was in high school it was a rite of passage sort of like the movie Bull Durham.

So, this isn’t surprising.

Amusing yes, but not surprising. 100% sure she offered to massage Ellington’s sore shoulder after the game, anything to sooth the pain of the Gamecock.



Rumble young man, Rumble…….

Straight Kobestyle.

5 thoughts on “South Carolina Trainer Eye F*cking WR Bruce Ellington (Video)

  • Yeah she wants herself some of that dark chocolate….go head girl

  • lmao

  • Yes, it looks like the trainer may have gotten a little moist being in such close proximity to Ellington.

    She’s gonna be so embarassed when she sees this video, lol.

  • Once he sees or hears about the video, It’s A Done Deal !!!

    She might even let him do her room mate too…..

  • Welcher arzt war denn der, der nadines brust gemacht hat. ? ich bin auch schon am überlegen ob ich mir eine brustvergrößerung machen lasse.

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