Spurs Stephen Jackson Goes In On Artest, Wack Rappers, Strip Clubs (Video)

Anybody familiar with San Antonio Spurs forward Stephen Jackson knows that he’s a little different.

He marches by the beat of his own drum so anytime he speaks it’s must see t.v.

Jackson who goes by Stak5 when he’s in MC mode dropped by New York’s Power 105.1  The Breakfast Club to chat about a few things on his mind.

When asked about his off-season regiment, Jackson’s answer was classic.

“I ain’t worked out in my whole career.”

When Jackson was asked about other ball players trying to be rappers.

“They all wack.”

Jackson spoke about no longer having a relationship with Ron Artest, aka Metta Word Peace.

“I lost $3 million behind that. It wasn’t no thank you or nothing.”

He spoke about the infamous strip club incident while a member of the Pacers in which he was hit by a car and had to let off shots from a handgun.

I had a license, and I did what I had to do to help my teammates. We made it home.”

Stephen Jackson spoke about those topics this morning and a few others in what was a pretty entertaining interview.

Check it out.




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