Steve Young Goes Off on NFL & Replacement Refs Using Very Big Words (Video)

I love listening to Steve Young because I always learn a new word.

Today’s new word is:

kerfuffle: A commotion or fuss.

He also used the word inelastic, but I know the meaning of that, which was his entire point. Inelastic means that the demand for a product is so great that any changes to that product even if negative won’t slow down the demand for it.

Coca-Cola thought they had an inelastic product until they came out with NEW COKE and then they realized they didn’t.

Young is saying in the video below that the NFL doesn’t care about the players or resolving the referee situation because no matter how much the fans complain about it we are still going to watch.

He is probably correct, but the replacement refs are not getting better they are getting worse. Players are getting hurt, there replacement refs have control over the games, the don’t know some of the basic rules, they are taking forever with replays and unfair advantages are being given routinely (Broncos got a few extra yards on a possession at the end of the first half).

Something has to be done or we will continue to have a kerfuffle.

H/T @DCFanaticsBlog